Saturday, July 8, 2017

Free Back to School Escape Room

I am obsessed with escape rooms! They are so much fun! I wish that I could do one every day. On my spring break trip to Atlanta I was able to do three in one day and it was super exhilarating!

I deiced that I wanted to create one for my students to do on the first day (or days) back in school. 

Answer guide and walkthrough
     1.    Start by showing a “Meet the Teacher” prezi and remember to tell kids to pay close attention because the answers will come up in a game they are about to play.
a.     Meet your teacher template: https://prezi.com/d5hg7g7awxar/meet-your-teacher/
b.     My prezi as a reference: https://prezi.com/l2-lbp0-uwsz/meet-ms-potter/
     2.    Divide the class into 4 groups.
     3.    Give each group a copy of their answer sheets
     4.    Give each group a copy of their maze and tell them to begin.
                       Group 1 Maze- In what state was your teacher born?
                       Group 2 MazeWhat is your teacher's first name?
                       Group 3 MazeAt what college did your teacher go to school?
                       Group 4 Maze-What is your Teacher's favorite book?

      a.  Make sure that you added what letter they should be counting on their answer sheet. I don’t know your answers so I couldn’t predetermine it for you.
b.     Each answer # in group order will give them the combo to the first lock box
    5.    Inside the locked box will be “Get to know classmates BINGO
a.     Once each group has completed at least one BINGO they will bring the paper to you and receive a blank grid sheet.   
    6.    Students will need to follow the directions on the answer sheet to draw the describe scenes.
a.     The directions the students have to go will contribute to the directional lock.
b.     The DIRECTIONS (up, down, right, left) ONLY not how many squares they moved.
c.     Groups 1 & 3 contribute even directions and groups 2 & 4 contribute odd directions.
     7.    Once students have opened the directional lock they will find “School Supply Inferences”
b.     You will need to write down which questions they are focusing on and what number they need to divide by to get a single digit number.
c.     Each # in group order will give them the combo to the third lock box.
     8.    Inside the lock box will be copies of your school’s calendar.
a.     Students will answer the questions on their answer sheet using the calendar.
b.     You will need to determine what number they will divide by to get a single digit number.
c.     Each # in group order will give them the combo to the fourth lock box.     
9    9.    Students will solve the pigpen cipher to reveal a quote. (Answers)
a.     Each quote repeats the word “LEARN” which I programmed into a word lock.
     10.   Inside the lock box are bags of seemingly blank puzzle pieces and black light flashlights.
a.     You should have already written syllabus/agenda questions on the blank puzzles. Each answer needs to be a NUMBER. (Example: How much did tests contribute to your grade?)
b.     Students will put the puzzles together and use the black lights to see the questions.
c.     Make sure you put down the number they need to divide by!
d.     Each # in group order will give them the combo to the fifth lock box.
     11.  This final lock box will contain a key.

a.     I use a suitcase with a lock, but you can use whatever you want. Inside the suitcase I have little treats like lollipops!

Supplies I used (Click on the pictures)


  1. This is so great! My curriculum director heard about Escape Rooms and learning engagement at the recent ASCD conference and that led me to your lessons. Just a heads up... I believe the pigpen cipher webpage that you used incorrectly coded your sentences. Then again, I may not understand the cipher correctly! Can't wait to try out all these ideas.

  2. I love this! My quick question, though, is how long does this take?

    Anisa at Creative Undertakigns

  3. I plan to spread it out into two days but you could always do fewer activities

  4. So on the mazes are suppose to deciphering the question and then they should know the answer from the prezi?

  5. Where did you make the mazes - I wanted to do this in my classroom but wanted to switch the questions...

    1. I'm curious about this as well. I live in Canada, so would need to change a few things.

    2. I was able to find a similar (possibly the same?) maze-creator here: https://www.festisite.com/text-layout/maze/

  6. This is very cool! I reduced the activities to materials I had and to be completed within 1 hour. Thanks for the starting point! I would like an editable version of the maze if you are able to make that available.

  7. i love reading this article so beautiful!!great job!

  8. Hi, I’ve purchased everything from the list but have a few questions and there are really too many to type here. Do you have a way I can contact you off of here?

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