Sunday, July 24, 2016

Faculty meeting back to school BINGO

There is nothing more pointless than the back to school convocation/faculty meetings. I swear that the higher ups just come up with an agenda and then say to themselves, "Nope...they still have too much time getting their classrooms together. Let's throw in another team building activity!"

One year, I kid you not, the entire faculty had to pick out a rock, name the rock, and introduce our rock to another teacher. 

In order to help ease the pain of this cruel injustice, I have created a back to school BINGO board. Print out a few and play with your friends. Just don't actually yell out, "BINGO!" Or maybe do and let me know what happens! ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Classroom Escape Room (Review Game)

I am obsessed with escape rooms! They are so much fun! I wish that I could do one every day. On my spring break trip to Atlanta I was able to do three in one day and it was super exhilarating!

Before my state test I decided that I wanted to do a fun review game for my kids and decided to try my hand at an escape room. It took a lot of trial and error, but it was a MASSIVE success. I decided to share my escape room plans with you as best as I can in case you want to try something similar in your classroom.

Step 1: The days leading up to the escape room I rolled a suitcase around with me (You will see why)

Step 2: I broke the students into four groups

Step 3: I created a newspaper article that informed students that I was taking over the world and handed one out to each group.

Step four: I hid a card in my miniature file cabinet that said, "Don't just stand there in limbo, take a look in the classroom window."

Step five: The first set of clues to decipher that opened the Word Lock was hidden behind a book in the window.

 Step six: Inside of Lock #1was the POV clues

Step seven: Inside of Lock #2 was a set of UV flashlights and 4 pieces of seemingly blank paper. Once the UV lights were turned on students will find a number on each of their pieces of paper. This opened the lockbox. 

Step eight: Inside the lock box was four ziplock bags with puzzle pieces and a short story for each of the groups. The students need to read the short story and then put together their puzzle. One of the puzzles will have the correct symbol answer written in UV pen, the other three will be distractors with penalties.

Step nine: Each group will get a reading passage with multiple choice questions. Once they finish the passages, if they answered the questions correctly they will get their groups number to contribute to the final lock box. 

Step ten: Students open the suitcase and thwart my takeover!

Some pictures of my students completing the tasks


Supplies I used

(3 boxes)