Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Make over obsession

I am currently in a complete and utter obsessive state!
I decided that I would spend the time this summer to make over my TPT store.
That led me down a rabbit hole to my current obsessive state.
I thought I would share with you guys. You might find it interesting, especially if you are TPT sellers yourselves.
I downloaded my product list from TPT and copied the list into an Excel spreadsheet. For each product in my store I am doing the following things:
1.     I download it from TPT and check it over to see if it needs any updates.

2.     I decide if the product needs a new preview.

3.     I read the product description and see if anything needs to be added.

4.     I decide if it needs a cover page or not. In the past I have not used cover pages, but I started teaching myself how to use PicMonkey.com. Now I feel like EVERY product needs its own cover page.
I'm spending a LOT of time looking/creating on Picmonaey
5.     I save the TPT product link to an excel file that I found at: http://tptschool.com/teachers-pay-teachers-product-link-generator/

This automatically creates codes so that I can place hyperlinks in my product descriptions.

6.     I reupload the file and add hyperlinks to similar products to the product description.

7.     I save the made over product in a curriculum folder. I have not updated my Entire English Curriculum in two years, so I figured it was time.

I have been working nonstop the last four days and I am only about halfway through. 

Take a look at the updated cover pages I have so far!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Cell Jail

I decided to make a cell phone "jail" for my classroom this fall.  It is true that I do allow students to listen to music on their phones at certain times during class with specific rules.

My Phone Rules:
  1. iPods/phones are only allowed during individual work time.
  2. I must have expressly stated you may use them.
  3. No one should be able to hear ANY sound from your iPod/phone.
  4. You must have your music set to a playlist (meaning you cannot be scrolling through anything. It must be playing a playlist and on your desk not being touched)
  5. If I signal that it is time to pay attention and rejoin the group, they must be immediately put away. 
  6. If any of these rules are broken iPods/phones will no longer be allowed in the classroom
 However, I am tired of the sneaky texting, selfie taking, and general annoyance when kids decide to break my already lenient cell phone rules. 

Starting this fall, if students are caught "illegally" using their phone and breaking classroom law, it will be taken and put into "Cell Jail"

Once I confiscate the contraband it will be placed in jail and the student will be given a parole card. The parole card will explain the cell phones "sentence" depending on how many times they have committed the offense

  1. If it is their first offense, I will be lenient and give the phone back after class. 
  2. If it is their second offense, they will get their phone back at the end of the day. 
  3. If it is their third (or beyond) offense: Their phone will be taken to the office. 

To make my jar I used (all from Wal Mart):
  1. A square shaped hinge jar 
  2. Black electrical tape
  3. Pink sparkly skull stickers
  4. Silver alphabet letters


 Vista Print Template for Parole Cards: