Saturday, August 4, 2018

Escape Room Games for the Home/Classroom

If you know me at all you know that I am OBSESSED with escape rooms. I think that at my last count I had completed 92 rooms. I even dream about escape rooms more than I care to admit. 

I have blogged about them several times: 

I have even created a several escape room products:
Symbolism Escape Room
Plot Diagram Escape Room
Point of View Escape Room
Figurative Language Escape Room
Back to School Escape Room

This year, I have decided that I want to try to incorporate escape rooms into my classroom in an even more tangible way! I ordered a copy of Breakout EDU for my classroom, got a copy of Breaking into Breakout Boxes, and I am looking into getting this as well. 

I also decided that I am going to have a few dedicated "Escape Days" in my classroom this year. I am going to get some copies of some popular at home escape room games and create stations in my classroom. Escape rooms are PERFECT for out of the box thinking, critical thinking, reading closely, following directions, they are basically tailor made for English classrooms!

I have also decided that instead of early finisher worksheets I am going to do early finisher escape room books!

I am so excited.

I decided to share with you all the games that I have found, and personally played, to get ready for this new classroom endeavor.

(All of the pictures are clickable links to the products on Amazon FYI)

Escape Room The Game
Pieces of these are reusable if you have thought to print out the pieces ahead of time!

These would probably be the best for the classroom because they are 100% reusable!

One time use only, but they are LOTS of fun!

Escape the Room
Reusable but require some piecing back together

Escape Room in a Box
From what I can tell this is a one time use only game

Escape Room Games for Younger Kids
These would probably be the best for the classroom because they are 100% reusable!

Room 25
Still on my to do list shelf

Sherlock Holmes Escape
Still on my to do list shelf

Escape Room Books
These are one time use only, but I love the idea of buying one per group and having the groups work on them for extra credit or for early finishers. 

While Journal 29 is my favorite, I have communicated with the author of The Librarian's Almanaq and that has been pretty awesome.