Who is Mskcpotter?

So you might be asking yourself, "Just who is Mskcpotter?" I know that when I go to a person's blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Teacherspayteachers store, I like to get a feel for that person's life and how they interact with the world. I like to do this to see if our interests and ways of teaching match up. That being said, let me tell you a little bit about me!
Mskcpotter AKA Kacey Potter
 My actual name is Kacey Potter and I have been an English teacher for the last 11 years. I have taught 8th grade English almost all of those years. My goal is to get students excited about learning. I love using technology and music whenever possible in my classroom. When I first started teaching, I could never find fun and engaging lessons for my kids. This is when I started developing my own curriculum. This must have paid off, because I was PE County Teacher of the Year and PE Technology Teacher of the Year in 2011! That is the same year that I started selling my curriculum on Teacherpayteachers....coincidence? I think not!

 English Curriculum

On the personal side of things I love giraffes, Inkjoy Pens, owls, duct tape, otters (Okay, I just love animals!).

 I am an animal mom of two dogs, 2 goats, and 3 cats.

Meet the zoobilee zoo!
Rory is my part German Shepard who loves the water, and Gatsby is my pit/lab mix who is a nerd that hates water.

Rupert is an outdoor cat I adopted from a co-worker last year. He is quite ornery! 

Rico has been in my life since my first year of teaching and he is the most social loving cat.

Blacky has also been with me since that first year of teaching. These two guys have stuck with me through it all and I LOOOOOVE them!

Last, but not least, we have Luna and Ginny. The crazy goats I adopted last summer. 

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