Sunday, January 13, 2013

Classroom Organization- Copying Ahead of Time

One of the things that I started doing last year is making six weeks worth of copies at a time (we are on a six week grading period). 

One of my other co-workers did this and swore by it but I never really understood how it was possible until I started doing it. Now *I* swear by it and will never look back!

How I do it 
(I'm going to do 1 week as an example)
When we are nearing the end of another six weeks I pull out my weekly lesson template folder

I take look at what papers I will need by looking at my weekly template and making a list of what they are and the amount of pages there are

Here is the list I would make for this weekly template:
  • RPS #5 List, Worksheet, Quiz----6 pages
  • Point of View in Songs----4 pages
  • Intro to Symbolism----8 pages
  • Symbolism in Songs----4 pages
  • Point of View Quiz----4 pages
  • Theme Quiz----2 pages
  • Homework Form----2 pages
This totals 30 pages but because I print front to back I divide this number by 2 and multiply it by 75 (The total number of students I have) 

The amount of paper that I will need for this particular week's worth of copies is: 1125 sheets or 2.25 reams

Now that I have the math portion out of the way I gather the binders/worksheets I need from my bookshelf. 
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I head to the copy room and pray that the copy machine is working!

Sometimes my mentee/coworker and I stay after school, order chinese food, and make copies together. With two of us making copies it can take about 3 hours (For the entire 6 weeks worth), but we have fun while we are doing it (One day we will find out that copy toner is a silent killer. It's all fun and games until someone gets poisoned)

When are the copies are finally done I place them in construction paper holders that I have purchased over the years. 

I have not labeled the construction paper cubbies yet because I couldn't figure out how, but today I found this great pin!

Now that I make my copies ahead of time my planning period can be spent grading papers, having coffee, complaining in a coworker's room, or tutoring. 

I also am not running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get things ready for each day!

The up front work is completely worth it!

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