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Classroom Organization- English Sub Plans

Teachers at my school are always saying, "It's more work to prepare for a sub than it is to just be here." 

I have never agreed with this because I have a system for planning for subs!

I create a Sub Station at the start of each school year and I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the year. 

Sub Binder
When I first started I created a Sub Binder.

My sub binder includes a tab for each of the following:
  • Class Roster (10 copies)
  • Classroom Routines (1 copy)
  • Sub Comment Forms (10 copies)
  • Powerpoint Seating Chart (1 copy)
  • Important People/ Emergency Procedures (1 copy)
  • Behavior Logs/Referrals (10 copies)
Here are some screen shots of these forms blank: 

 I keep extra copies of the forms that the subs will be writing on, that way when I take one form out, others still remain ready for the next sub!

I keep this binder on a shelf next to my desk

Sub Activities Folders
Because I like to rotate my curriculum I have a lot of left over activities that I don't get to each year. 

After I make my lesson plans for the year I make a list of the activities I have left over. I make sure that these activities are self explanatory and the student could figure out if the sub is not able to offer any guidance (which happens often!)

I print 10 of these activities out and make enough copies for all my students. 

I place each activities' copies and a brief sub letter in a oversize expansion folder:

I label each folder:
Sub Plans #1
Sub Plans #2
Sub Plans #3
And so on and so forth

I keep as many of these sets in a magazine file folder that I have hot glued to the chalkboard rail next to my desk:

Right now it is just a boring clear magazine rack, but I have my eye on a colorful one for next year!

Whenever a plan has been used I put the folder away for next year, and since I have #'d them I know how many days I have taken off/how many plans I have left.

Taking a Day Off
Now whenever I need to take a day off I have two options!

1. I can throw the binder and the next sub folder down on my desk
2. I have made two of my colleagues aware of my system and location of all items so they can throw it down for me! (I have also asked them to put my fancy pens away for me if need be, I love my pens!!)

Unlike my fellow teachers, I never stress about taking a much needed day off!

I have recently updated my sub plans product in my TPT store which you are free to check out if you need some!


Fun Activities:
1. Explain things you can't live without 
2. Would you rather activity
3. Create your own utopia
4. What is it?- Inference Activity
5. Create a character
6. Essential questions for English
7. Character Cell Phone Hacks
8. English in the Real World (why is it important)
9. Texting Language Vs Informal Vs Formal Writing
10. Learning Styles Activities for all learners!
11. Book/Movie Review Template 
12. All About Me Newspaper Template
13. Facebook About me Template
14. Instagram About me Template

Grammar, Editing, Writing Activities:
1. Descriptive writing activity
2. Persuasive Oregon Trail activity
3. RAFT for punctuation
4. Writing Bingo
5. Parts of Speech Scavenger Hunt
6. Parts of Speech Color by Number

Reading Activities:
1. Authors purpose in the real world
2. School survey/learning styles
3. Point of view activity
4. Reading BINGO
5. Short story form (for ANY short story)
6. Tone activity (break up and camping)
7. Figurative Language Jumble/Sort
8. Inference Explained/Practice
9. Poetry Terms Identifying Practice
10. Literary Elements in "The Lottery"
11. Literary Conflict Jumble
12. Learn from my Fail Inference Activity 
13. 13 Novel Character Activities (Trash, Reading List, Netflix, obituary, Refrigerator, Suitcase, Shopping List, Google Search, Instagram, Twitter, Texting, Phone Background, Phone Apps. 
14. Figurative Language Sentence Starters
15. Point of View Jumble
16. Functional Text Practice (Recipe, Circular, Apartment Rental)
17. Conflict Jumble

Technology Activities (requires internet):
1. Theme
2. Figurative Language
3. Conflict 
4. Inference 
5. Apostrophes 
6. Career Research (2 days)
7. Quotation Marks 
8. Typing 
9. Commas
10. Character Traits (2 Days)
11. Genres 
12. Point of View 
13. I vs Me (plus pronouns)
14. Common Errors 
15. Comparing Lunches (2 Days)
16. Opening Book Lines
17. Food of the Month
18. Zombie Science 
19. Mock Pinterest Boards 
20. Symbolism 
21. Spelling 
22. Roots,prefix, suffix 
23. Research your possible career
24. Symbolism activity 
25. Conflict Activity

Writing Prompts:
1. cafeteria essay
2. difference between schools
3. Imagine you are a gas chamber
4. special event essay 
5. PLUS 25 page essay bundle with writing checklist and rubric
6. Where in the world is our teacher?

Movie Forms (for use with ANY movies):
1. Movie Guide for ANY movie
2. Symbolism in movies
3. Conflict in movies
4. Characterization in movies
5. Theme in movies
6. Plot in movies
7. Foreshadowing in movies
8. Flashbacks in movies

Sub Forms:
1.Behavior log (in case there is an issue)
2.Sub Comment form (Subs always love this!)
3.Sub letters (two versions)
4. Routines Form
5. Seating Chart PowerPoint Form
6. Class Roster Form
7. Emergency Procedures/Special People Forms

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