Friday, January 11, 2013

Classroom Organization -Student Color Coding

I like to run my classroom in such a way that it can basically be run without me even being there. This means that I have a lot of organization and rules that I start on day one with my students. 

The organizational strategy that I am going to talk about today is color coding. 

I decided one day that I was going to give each of my classes a specific color and everything associated with that class would be given that same color. 

I ordered supplies in four colors (I have four classes) and chose neon pink, yellow, green, and orange.

I color coded everything in the room that I could!

These are my classroom inboxes where students place completed work (Note the neon stickers on the front of the baskets)

I purchased a bookshelf at Wal Mart for $15 and used the duck tape to line each of the shelves with a block's color. When the students start class with me I give them stickers to put on their binders so they could always place them on the correct shelf. Students have the option of leaving their binders in my classroom or taking them home to study. 

These are my outboxes where I place work that I have already graded. They are also color coded with the stickers. (It broke my soul a little when I couldn't find magazine boxes in my block colors, but oh well!)

At the start of the year I also find out all my students' learning styles. One part of this activity involves them creating a name tag with symbols associated with their learning style on an index card (Color coordinated to their block of course!) 
Some years my blocks of students have the same learning style as a majority. This year they are pretty spread out so I try to make sure my lessons hit as many different learning styles as possible, while leaning to the side of musical a bit more!

I am thinking that I can use this type of idea to color coordinate a bookshelf that will contain all of my color coding!

Two options:

  • One shelf for inbox
  • One shelf for outbox
  • One shelf for handouts and supplies 

  • Putting all the items for each block on a shelf

What teacher doesn't love color and organization in their life?!

Check out my free learning styles activity on TPT: Learning Styles Prezi and Activity

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