Saturday, January 19, 2013

Classroom Timers

I don't know how, but a LOT of my students in the 8th grade still can't tell time on an analog clock when they get to me (Really?! How is that even possible?)

The only clock I have in my classroom (and will EVER have in my classroom) is an analog clock. 

I reference the clock daily and talk about how to read it daily. I will walk over to the clock and point to a time and tell the kids, "Okay, my little Sea Anemones, you have until 10:40 to work on this and then we move forward!" 

I do this consistently and they do eventually get it, but at the start of the year I like to use fun countdowns as well. 

I found this site and ADORE it (So do the kids):


They have great animated countdown clocks that you can project on your Smart Board.

These are screen shots of my kids' favorite timers:

 WARNING:If you choose the race/swimming choice, your kids will pick their favorite and get entirely too sucked into who will win the race in the last 30 seconds or so of the timer! 

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  1. Another graet alternative is http://www.timerland.net