Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snap Shot of a Secondary English Classroom

I get asked a lot to describe the time spent in my classroom so I thought I would create a snap shot of my class for the week. I did this based on the times for my first block of the day, but the timing is the same for the other blocks as well, so it applies!

Every day (aside from Thursdays) my students have journal questions, bell ringers, and random facts of the day.
On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday my kids have RPS.

RPS Stands for:
Root word---Prefix---Suffix
For some reason my curriculum framework in my state does not tell us the specific roots, prefix, & suffix terms that our students need to know so we are tasked with teaching the kids a TON of these.
I decided to create a program to address this, context clues, text structure, and comprehension.

  • Every Monday my students get an "RPS List" that include 6 prefixs or roots for the to learn that week
  • Every Wednesday my students read an article with those words and use context clues to match the words to the definitions (as well as answer 5 comprehension/analytical questions based on the article)
  • Every Friday my students take an "RPS Quiz" on the word list of the week.
On Thursdays my kids are in the computer lab working on a program called "Achieve3000"
Of all the computer programs my district has made us do this is the one that I like the best.

The program offers THOUSANDS of non fiction articles that students can choose and it autoamtically configures it to their paticular reading level.

After reading the students answer multiple choice questions (like on a standardized test).
 The rest of the days/time are spent learning or reviewing new material!
Check out the weekly overview of my classroom I made below!

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