Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snow Day....I hope

I know we just got done with Christmas break, but I sometimes think that coming back after Christmas is the worst. In the fall we have so many little days: Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Break, and then Christmas to look forward to it all seems so doable. Once Christmas is over the crushing realization kicks in that we don't have any REAL break until April! 

Hope is slowly forming for me however:

One of my co-workers just posted this photo to Facebook of the local news. 

I am half in the 2"-5'" and half in the 4"-8" inch zone for tomorrow night!

Does anyone out there know a "snow dance?" I'll even take a "Two Hour Delay Two Step" if you know one!

This is what my snow day would entail + sleep (One day we will be able to buy sleep from Amazon too....)

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