Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Somewhere Out There....

Well, this morning I saw more signs of my little mouse friend all over/in my desk. 

During the class change from 2nd to 3rd block, I was walking to my classroom door and I happened to look in my recycling bin. There was a little field mouse in the bin nestled among the paper. 

He didn't look very healthy, which made me sad. I guess an entire bad of cough drops is NOT the most healthy snack for a rodent (note to self).

I decided to take him outside and try to return him to the wild. 

Sadly, when I decided to check on him at lunch, he had expired. 

I have decided to name him, Fievel.

While I am happy that I no longer have a furry little stowaway in my classroom, I am sad that Fievel couldn't continue his journey....somewhere out there.

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