Monday, February 4, 2013


I have always been an emotional person when it comes to animals. 

One of my earliest memories is my parents taking me to see "The Land Before Time" and absolutely losing it when Littlefoot's mother died. I obsessed over that for weeks and drew pictures depicting the event wishing it had ended differently. 

My next big traumatizing event was seeing "Fox and the Hound" 
I mean seriously how can you do that to a kid?! 
I still steadfastly refuse to see that movie. 

I won't even go into all the other ways that Disney/cartoons traumatized me as a kid (Dumbo, Bambi, All Dogs go to Heaven, etc...)

My emotional outbreaks when dealing with animals are not confined to movies, they spill over into books as well.

I remember an instance growing up when I stayed up late to read books and became particularly upset while reading what I believe was this book:
If memory serves correctly Big Birds friends won't play with him and he becomes blue. This put me over the edge for some reason and my mother found me crying in my room. She had to persuade me to read the rest of the book so I could find out that his friends DO play with him again. 

I also can't stand books in which dogs/animals die. I HATE them. If I am ever reading a book and there is even a hint of an animal about to die, I refuse to continue reading. 

When I was in college we read the book:
Which I LOVED mostly because of this quote:

 “The dog always dies. Go to the library and pick out a book with an award sticker and a dog on the cover. Trust me, that dog is going down.” 

This statement is so true. Now I know to NEVER read a book with a dog on the cover.   

Are those Sara McLaughlin commercials for the SPCA really necessary? 


Over the years my emotional outbreaks with animals have mutated. I no longer cry at just sad animal stories, movies, books, and commercials but also at happy ones too. 

Did anyone seen this commercial and cry? I know I did. 

I blame genetics....and Disney. 


  1. I can relate; however, my kids don't yet understand why I cry when I see happy things. :)
    I'm sure that will change with age (lots of it! :))

    I am so glad you started a blog! I love it. Your ideas are awesome and helpful. Thank you!

  2. They will cry at the SuperBowl commercials in 2043!