Monday, March 25, 2013

After Ever Disney

I saw this video on my Google Reader the other day (on a side note, how sad is it that Google Reader is retiring?!):

I LOVED it! How great would this be to show to students (it might have a few slightlyyyyy inappropriate moments for kids under 8th grade) and then have them come up with the "ever afters" for other disney/fairy tale characters.

I was trying to think of other characters they could "ever after" this is what I have so far:
Snow White
Any of the Dwarfs 
Peter Pan
Lion King
Timon and Pumba
Sleeping Beauty 
Tinker Bell  
Any of the Pooh characters  (maybe they could use the image below to guide them haha)

I am trying to come up with fun activities to do after the SOL tests are over this year that are not movies, and I think this idea might be a winner!

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  1. I'll be grateful for any and all of your post-testing ideas. Our standardized test wraps up with two weeks left in the school year...two loooong weeks of crowd control.