Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stories from a Middle School English Teacher: I vs. Me

Yesterday I introduced you to Jake.

I was sitting at home on Saturday night when I engaged in the following text conversation with said human: 

Jake: What's the rule that allows someone to say Jake and me?
Jake: Instead of Jake and I
Kacey: Take off "Jake" and see if it fits. "The teacher glared at Jake and me."
Jake: The phrase was, "Jake and me went to Walmart," and I said that was okay.
Kacey: No, that would be like saying, "Me went to Walmart."
Jake: Darn, Alright
Jake: I'm really confused. Teach me this with examples!
Kacey: Take off your name and try the sentence with both. "Jake and me threw rocks at a tree" for example
Kacey: You wouldn't say "ME threw rocks" You are not a caveman.
Kacey "Jake and *I* threw rocks at a tree."
Jake: Give me another with Me
Kacey: "Morgan Freeman read Kacey and me a bedtime story"
Jake: Ohhhhhhh. I got it
Jake: I learn from the best!
Kacey: You do weird things on a Saturday night
Jake: English, Ain't nothing to it
Jake: Get it?
Kacey: I get that you want to be slapped...

Isn't it sad that this is the age that we are at now? Sitting around on a Saturday night learning the correct times to use I or me?

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