Friday, March 8, 2013

iPods and Phones in the classroom

My school is so worked up about students and their phones/ipods in school lately. 

I have never had a problem with devices in the classroom. 

I use them routinely in lessons (finding literary elements in songs) and allow students to listen to them with certain stipulations. 

A math teacher that worked at my school last year (and is one of my favorite people in the world!) came up with a great set of rules that I like to employ in my classroom.

  1. Devices are only allowed during individual work time.
  2. I must have expressly stated you may use them.
  3. No one should be able to hear ANY sound from your devices.
  4. You must have your music set to a playlist (meaning you cannot be scrolling through anything. It must be playing a playlist and on your desk not being touched)
  5. If I signal that it is time to pay attention and rejoin the group, they must be immediately put away. 
  6. If any of these rules are broken, you will be placed on the "No devices list" for 6 weeks. 
Since allowing their use in the classroom and having clear cut guidelines for them I honestly don't have any problems with kids sneaking them in class. 

Going back to my fellow teachers' catch phrase of the year: Devices in the classroom? "That's the least of my problems!"

I wish we could focus on the real issues at hand and not devices!

Do any of you guys have classroom guidelines for devices use in the classroom? I would be interested to hear them!

If you would like a copy of my rules to post in your classroom click HERE


  1. I'm on the brink of allowing them. It was helpful to read your set of rules, especially the part about the playlist. I can see it being a major annoyance to have them poking at their devices when they're supposed to be working.

  2. I like the Playlist idea! I have allowed iPods this year and except for students finding "their song" it really hasn't been a problem. My rules are 1. Students must ask. 2. Only during independent time. 3. No sharing earphones. 4. We should not hear your music. Love the Playlist idea - problem solved. Thanks

    1. I thought the playlist idea that my teacher friend had was brilliant too! That way I can be sure they are not texting as well! :)