Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gearing up...

I have six weeks of this school year left and about four weeks until my end of the year test. 

I was looking through Pinterest and I came across this blog post:

This teacher has interesting way of letting parents know how students are doing on each standard - 

She made a copy of the tested standards and highlighted each of them based on how the child is doing in that particular standard. 

green ON Level, yellow APPROACHING level, pink BELOW level

She wrote specific notes for each child as well. 

I feel like this would be a BEAST of a project, but maybe it could also be altered.

You could give each student a copy of the standards and have them gauge how they feel they are doing in each areas. Then they will know what they need to work on before the big test. 

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  1. Only problem I see is that the majority of my parents wouldn't care...all that work would go right in the trash can. I'd be more inclined to use it as a self-assessment tool.