Thursday, April 18, 2013

Going Un Green

So one of the reasons I chose to buy the house I did is because it was surrounded by woods and nature. I loved the isolation and wildlife that wandered into my yard because of it. 

My land curls around me in a U shape, but the fields in front of my house are owned by someone else. 

Two weeks ago lumber trucks showed up and absolutely decimated the land. 

I've been really depressed about it...

Well today I came home from work and found out that the lumber trucks and bulldozers have been using my driveway as a pathway across the field. 

I can tell that they completely dug the driveway up and then tried to pack it down. 

However, they dug up all the gravel and all that is left is dirt and a pretty sizable dip. The second it rains my driveway is going to be completely impassable. 

I have spent all afternoon trying to contact the correct people to discuss this issue to no avail. 

I just find this to be really rude!
Lovely uprooted trees and dirt!

This field used to be completely surrounded by trees at the horizon line....they are ALL gone now. 

Dirt at its finest. 

My dug up driveway (you can't really tell there is a dip from the pictures)

Another view of my driveway

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