Sunday, May 5, 2013

Commercial for teaching foreshadowing

Robinsons is a British drink company. The juice in this ad is concentrated, and putting water into it is normal, so don't let that distract you too much. You'll probably want to watch this video twice, because once you see where it's going, there are little details that will make sense. -via Buzzfeed  

I saw this video today and it would be the PERFECT video to teach foreshadowing!

Have the kids watch it once so they know what is coming. 

Then go back and have them write down all the instances of foreshadowing that this ending was coming!

A few:

Green shirt wipes of the back of stripes
Green shirt lifts stripes up to do a chin up
Green shirt's rock goes MUCH farther when thrown
Green shirt's shadow is much taller than stripes
They are playing Star wars and green shirt says, "I am your father."
Green shirt can run faster
Green shirt teases stripes about a girl
Their glasses are two different sizes
Green shirt carries stripes up to bed

It's such a cute commercial and I think the kids would really like it and GET it!

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