Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Lesson Plans

I have been working on my lesson plans for next year and they are driving me just a little bit insane!

I tried two different configurations before settling on this one:

I decided to take all of the bell ringers, journal questions, random facts, and exit questions off.

I decided to add a Vocab Word of the Day section and start a Word Wall in my room.

I finally decided to break it down into what The Teacher Will do and what The Student Will do. 

I hope I don't have any more ideas because I don't want to change them AGAIN!
I also decided to handle my bell ringers, journal questions, random facts, and exit questions a different way. I decided to go all digital. 

My students this year were having trouble understanding the concept of a BELL ringer and taking advantage of the fact that the information was displayed on the chalkboard all period and chose NOT to do the journal questions when asked. 

To try to combat again this next year I am putting together a PowerPoint that contains all the information and they will only have 5 minutes per slide. Once the slide is gone, it is GONE. 

 I decided to add a new slide for next year of exit questions based on the lesson (or previous lessons) that the students will have 5 minutes to answer at the end of class. These will be graded right along with their journals and bell ringers each week. 


People might think I am a little crazy thinking about next year already and THIS school year is not even out for 6 1/2 more days....but I feel like I am already behind....so maybe I really AM crazy!


  1. No, you aren't crazy; I'm planning for next year too. I have also signed up for three professional development courses this summer. I have 11 1/2 more days, and my head is spinning, but I love being in the classroom. I actually miss it over the summer, but I like the time to plan for each new year.

    Your new plans look great and I hope they will be available on TPT. Good luck with your final days of school!

    1. I think that I actually prefer planning! I wish I could just create all day every day as my job! Alas, that is not the case.

      Here's to the end of the year and SUMMER!

  2. Do you give the kids a pre-made worksheet for their weekly bell ringers, or do they do them on notebook paper? I flip-flop between the two and just don't know which I prefer.

    1. My students have composition notebook that I have them put:
      -Journal question (written out and answer)
      -Exit question

      All of these will fit on one page so there are enough pages for the entire year.

      Every Friday at the start of the year I walk around and check off that they have all the parts. Then I do sporadic checks (especially if I feel like people are starting to slack off!)

  3. I call my "Bell Ringers" Daily Warm-Ups, and I have my kids do them in the writing section of their binders. I give credit every couple months.

    I was also wondering if anyone has any ideas for inexpensive gifts for the end of the year. I have about 100 seventh graders and I would love to be able to do something nice for all of them.

    1. Last year before testing I wanted to give each kid a little something so I went to Wal Mart and found these giant boxes of Air Heads: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Air-Heads-Variety-Bars-Out-of-Control-39.68-oz/10452326

      They were about $7.00 for 72.

      I then took mailing labels and typed a personal little note to each child along with a quote that said something like "You are no air head"

      I stuck a label on each one and gave them out before testing.

      I've also done bubbles before which were a hit!

      Another year another teacher and I spent and evening making rice krispie treats for all our kids.