Thursday, June 20, 2013

Good News/Bad News and Sale info!

 I have been quiet as of late. I am finally on summer break, but it doesn't feel like I have gotten a break yet and I am behind!

So many things have been happening!

My yard cat Gulliver (that I thought was a boy) turned out to NOT be a boy and brought two kittens to my front porch: 

That meant that I needed to get the decidedly NOT a boy yard cat fixed. She needed another surgery to fix her broken tail as well. Thus began a plethora of issues including, but not limited to, infection, pulled out stitches, ear mites, and more!

She has to wear a collar now (which makes her dump water and food all over the floor) until her surgery wounds heal and she can go back outside!

I had a flat tire....they suck!

Then my car battery died which lead to another annoying adventure!

I have been at work for textbook adoption meetings and curriculum development. 

I normally have my lesson plans done for the next school year before the old school year is out I feel a little panicked, but I'll get there. 

I have been dog sitting for big ole' fur bundles. Which means there are 3 cats and 3 dogs at my house right now!

 I have been doing various home improvements (sump pump, quarter round, deck, screen doors installed, throwing out junk that got ruined in the basement, removing 3 couches and 1 bed, painting the front porch, buy and putting together patio furniture and propane grill). Since most of them are noisy (not to mention the random people traipsing in my house) and it makes it hard to concentrate, I've been trying to work my way through my cleaning list.

My cleaning had been going great until..... the deck got finished  

I luuuuuurv my new deck!

Rory loves the deck too!

Then....I was walking down the new deck stairs on Saturday when I took a tumble. Landed on my ankle and heard a lovely cracking sound. When I was finally cognizant of my surroundings there was a huge gross lump on my foot. That is not my ankle bone that is the lump of pain and sadness on my foot. 

I finally made it to the doctor the next day. Nothing is broken, but I did tear some ligaments. 

I am supposed to be on bed rest (which I have been largely ignoring) and the majority of my foot is so bruised it looks like I have gangrene or frostbite. 

Eventually i hope that life will return to business as usual and I will be able to finish my lesson plans, make some new prezis I have planned, and create some more lessons!

My 30th (sad about this) birthday is on Tuesday so I have decided that since I have not listed anything (or written on the blog in awhile) I am going to hold a 20% off sale in my TPT store!

Sale will be the 24th through the 26th

Take the time to stock up on a few goodies while you are basking in the warm glow of summer!

Happy summer and once I'm back on my feet I'll be back to blogging! 

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