Sunday, June 2, 2013

Playing Card on Desks

At the start of each school year I always assign random desks by using numbers that have been taped to the desks (or are inside of my supply bags).

However I just read about a new and neat way to do it!

 I use packing tape to tape down a playing card on each students’ desk. On the first day of school I hand each student a card (from a second deck) and students have to find their matching card to find a seat. Throughout the first semester I use the cards to create groups and call students. For example: All the even numbers can line up! All the hearts will start at the computer station. Find 4 of a kind for your reading response group. etc…

This would be great on so many different levels and the possibilities of types of playing cards are endless and cheaper than the number sets I used to purchase!

I looked up a few on Amazon I thought the kids would love (you can click on any of the below to go straight to Amazon)


Harry Potter (would work for me quite well!)
Zombies...kids are obsessed! 
Tim Burton themed cards
3D shark cards....I actually like these a LOT

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