Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vista Print Fun

I don't know about you, but I simply cannot motivate myself this summer!

I don't want to create things, prepare, or buy anything that is work related. 

I decided to try to change my mindset by ordering some super cute things on Vista Print. 

I bought a groupon that was $17 dollars for $70 dollars worth of Vista Print products and went to town!

Here is what is being shipped my way sometime in the near future:

Car Door Magnets:
These are going to go on my chalkboard 

Business Cards:

These were the free business cards so I just got them blank. Never know when they might come in handy!

 Return Address Labels:


Have you ever used Vista Print for school related things?


  1. Wow, what great ideas! I'm going to go look for that groupon now. We'll see if it is still available :)

  2. The Groupon should be available until the end of July. It doesn't expire until October, but you have to use it all at once. I also went to the Retailmenot website and ended up with 50% off on top of the Groupon. I spent around $32 (total of Groupon and shipping from Vistaprint) and ended up with a boat-load of stuff! Thanks Kacey! I love your ideas. You also keep me on top of the latest trends and technology! This was the first time I used a Groupon and ordered from Vistaprint. Wow! I'm moving up in the world. If you could only bottle and sell some of your creative juices! :)

  3. Kacey, could you please elaborate on how you use your news stories? I noticed them listed on your new weekly lesson plan template. When and/or if you get a free minutes, I would love to hear about how you teach them. Thanks!

    1. Which news stories are you referring to?

  4. Yes, I was wondering about the news articles, too. They're listed on day 1 of the plan...it reads "News Article (two to be displayed every week).