Thursday, August 1, 2013

Last Supper...

It is officially the last day of summer for me :(

I went in to work today for the new teacher/mentor breakfast. I got to meet the person that is replacing my little mentee. 

We didn't really have a chance to talk. I only had the opportunity to find out that he taught 7 years in the middle east and has not taught public school in the states for some years. 

I gave him a copy of my curriculum and that will hopefully help him out...plus we will have more time to chat tomorrow. 

Hope he knows what he is getting himself into!

On another note my Vista Print order came in!
The car magnets came out really neat!

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Kind of hard to see on my coffee theme table cloth!

I only got a little bit of work today after breakfast. They hired a new cleaning crew who took EVERYTHING out of our rooms and then just threw the furniture back in so I had to spend and hour moving all the furniture to its rightful place!

Really the only thing I accomplished was getting my skinny duck tape up on the chalk board!

Whenever I actually do get my room together I will take some pictures and give a tour!

I need a little happy encouragement before having to act all bubbly and avoid having people touch me.

I don't understand why people feel the need to rub my shoulders or seemingly pet my arms at convocations when they don't feel the need to touch/pet me the rest of the year? I have a personal space bubble that is routinely popped at 453 times every convocation that gives me anxiety.  

Maybe I should make a Vista Print sign that says, "Don't Pet Me! Please and Thank You!"

Anyway, this will be my encouragement before tomorrow...a cute pup (and my yard cat without a tail in the background)!


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