Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Middle School Classroom Jobs System

The last two years I "hired" kids to update my chalk board during bus waves each afternoon. 

That worked out well, but I decided to add some extra jobs this year, and open the jobs up to anyone who wished to participate. 

I printed out the jobs that I offer to kids most frequently and put magnetic tape on the back of them.

Each day I put up the jobs that need to be done up on the board. 

If a kid wants to do one of the jobs he/she takes it down and places it in the basket that I have provided. 
I need a new camera! Blurry picture of all the current jobs I have kids doing.

The basket they place completed jobs

Jobs I offer:
-Change the daily agenda and SOL objective

-Update the vocab word of the day and wall
Agenda is seen above
Daily Standard & Vocab Word
I have the student write the vocab words on an index card and place on the word awl

Organize the class books
I don't like when books are falling down and out of order (like a few in this picture are!)

Clean / line up the desks

I hate, hate, hate that students cant keep the desks where I want them! How do the move so much over the course of a day?! A few times a week I have the kids line them up. On Fridays we sanitize them (ick!).

Organize files
Each of my classes has a milk crate in which they have a hanging folder and a manila folder. ALL work is kept in those folders and should theoretically never leave my classroom (Unless they are studying for RPS or a quiz). At the end of each grading period they can take the old work home. However, hanging files are finicky so I ask students to check to make sure they are all hanging neatly!

Staple Papers
Sometimes (most of the time) our copy machine is out of staples and I can't stand the thought of stapling 95+ papers multiple times so I have a kid do it. I let them use my trusty automatic stapler that I LOVE and has been trucking along  with me for the last 6 years! My little buddy can be seen on the far left!

I give a punch on my reward card for each completed job so I am never short for helpers!

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