Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lesson Plans and a Dishwasher

So things have been going well work wise. I am so glad that the struggles of last year seem to be behind me! Really my only struggles seem to be adults, and honestly since I am in the classroom most of the day the time spent being annoyed by other adults can only amount to so much!

I've been busy making new work friends, cleaning house, getting involved-ish with my new church group, helping friends move, being a dog sitter to said friends, reading books with said friend's toddler, working on new lesson ideas, dealing with foot pain, and SLEEPING.

I have some funny stories and updates I have catalogued to tell you about including, but not limited to:

I get in trouble for being snarky in the morning
I get in trouble for not saying good morning the correct way
I get in trouble for not placing my lesson plans in the correct folder at the exact precise moment
(I get in trouble a lot)
Students say the darndest things (these kids have some personality on them)
How my reward system is going
How my job system is going
How my rules system is going
How my using iPods in the class system is going
And other various updates

In the meantime, I thought I would give you my last two week's lesson plans:

I'm running about a week behind of my master plans. I am not quite sure how that has happened because I am normally spot on, but it is not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things!

Also, after a LONG time I finally have a dishwasher again!

When I moved into my house there was just an OLD portable dishwasher that the old homeowner had rigged to stay in one place:

This is the dishwasher that I had used for the last 3-4 years (side note: this is what my kitchen floors looked like before I moved in!)

Over the summer I came up with an idea to buy a dishwasher and make my friend, Jake, build a cabinet like structure around it and then hire a plumber/electrician to install it.  Sounds simple right?


Everything seemed to be against me in this simple home improvement plan.
After many phone calls with the plumber, I was told that he couldn't do the installation until certain things were in place. This seemed logical so I went ahead and bought the dishwasher and the supplies to build the "cabinet" around it in July (and trashed my old dishwasher).
 My friend Jake had a series of unfortunate events occur so he didn't start the building process until mid September. 
Long story short many other things went wrong to the point that I thought I was just going to have this boxed up dishwasher sitting in my kitchen taunting me until the end of time.

Well, one night at Bible study my pastor friend (who is also a contractor and all around handyman) basically said, "Give me a key to your house, when you come home from work on Thursday, your dishwasher will be installed."

Lo and behold he was serious. I came home from work and he had finished the building, installed the things, and it worked!
I've never had people be so nice to me and it is awesome!

He wants to charge me $30 dollars for the ordeal (when the plumber was going to charge me $500-$600!) but that is not what he is going to get. If I have to hide cash in their mailbox like it's an illicit drug deal that is what I will do. 

I still have a few more finishing touches (end laminate caps and kickplates at the bottom), but my mother won't stop whining about wanting to see the end product. Soooo without further ado, the most exciting thing in my life right now:

(Ignore my stupid cat who kept getting in the way and the groceries on the counter!)


  1. Very fancy! And the only reason I whine about seeing it, people, is because my daughter won't let me come to her house! What's that about?

  2. Your cat is clearly singing in the last photo. And what type of foot pain? I've had an ongoing saga with plantar faciitis since the start of summer; if this is what you're dealing with, too, check out the Strassburg Sock on amazon. It's the only remedy I've found in my ongoing (and relatively expensive) foot pain ordeal.

    1. Rico probably was singing...or shouting...that he wanted dinner. I think my foot pain is plantar faciitis as well. However, I have not gone to a doctor yet because I am stubborn.

  3. Is it mostly in your heel? I went to the doctor and he wanted to give me a cortisone shot (in the foot, obviously), but I'm a chicken. My second option was insoles, but insurance wouldn't cover them and $350 wasn't an option. I've tried several home remedies with no luck. The sock has worked wonders for me. Looks pretty goofy on, but it's like magic.