Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's the Great Pumpkin Day!

I would have to say if someone were to ask me what my favorite holiday is I would have to say.....Pumpkin Day. 

What is Pumpkin Day you ask?


Our story begins in the fall of 2006. 

I had just started teaching at my current school and had met a group of young teachers like myself. 

We all lived in the same apartment complex so in a way it was like college all over again!

One Saturday I was invited over to my new friend Kate's apartment to carve pumpkins. 

I went and this is what the result was this:

The next year  Jake and Kate had purchased a new house and pumpkin carving took place at their new house (I cannot find my pumpkin pictures from that year!)

The tradition continued and Kate still likes to talk about how it looks like my witch was squatting to urinate!:

The tradition being firmly in place we decided to add something new and cook all pumpkin themed foods. 

I believe that this year we made Pumpkin Pasta with sweet sausage

Since then we have made pumpkin:
Mac and Cheese
Whoopie Pies
Another type of Pasta
A few more things I am probably forgetting

Jake decided to go off book and create his own Redskins pattern, Kate made a perverted skeleton with Kate friend, and I made an owl!:

This year I didn't take pictures for some reason so I just have two cell phone pictures after the fact. We also added a new person to the tradition Jake and Kate's first son Bryce!:

Last year I decided to try to make my own mummy pattern....it didn't work so I just had what appeared to be squiggles. Kate and Jake made cute faces!:

This year we added Jake and Kate's newest son Evan to the proceeding to round our party out to five!

We also went all out and decided to go with a pumpkin breakfast theme!

I made Carmel Pumpkin Monkey Bread (AMAZING!)

Kate made pumpkin oatmeal and pumpkin poppers (like donut holes)

My plate before carving consisted of bacon, eggs, pumpkin oatmeal, pumpkin popper, and pumpkin monkey bread. Can't top that!

After lunch-ish we got down to carving (You can't carve without carmel apples!)

I made a cyclops while Kate made a trio of Jack 'O Lanterns!

When I got home from pumpkin night I had my new Bark Box in the mail and Inside were pumpkin dog treats! The timing couldn't be better!

 And that is the story of how The Great Pumpkin Day came to be!


 The reason this day is so important to me is that it is really the only REAL tradition that I have that I can count on from year to year. 

I think I am really 87 at heart and routines and traditions are really important to me. 

However, with all of the other major holidays, I don't have any real solid traditions to look forward to or count on. 

I know for a fact that come mid October I will be at Jake and Kate's house cooking pumpkin food, carving pumpkins, and (now that they have kids) playing with their boys. 

Thus, The Great Pumpkin Day is my favorite "holiday"


  1. I love traditions like this and great friends that are around long enough to be part of them! :)

  2. We're carving pumpkins this weekend. It's one of my favorite traditions of the year. And I got called into the office for a "talking-to" this week for the stupidest reason of my 12-year career. I'll email you about it.

    1. I have been waiting for your email! I am anxious to hear about it and have a partner is ridiculous workplace "talking downs"!

  3. Pretty cool tradition! I'm carving my first pumpkin tonight in a couples contest- any tips?! :)

    1. I wish I had some! My friend Kate somehow always manages to make her carving super smooth looking and I cannot accomplish this look. The only tip I have is that we always scrape down the side of the pumpkin where we are carving a LOT so when we carve it is easier to make the turns necessary for the intricate and delicate patterns!