Friday, July 4, 2014

This year's Vista Print Fun!

It's time for this year's Vista Print order!

I am not going too crazy this year because I need to feel out my new school environment! 

Whenever I order at Vista Print I always include 250 of their free business cards. I get my name printed somewhere on them. I used them ALL. THE. DARN. TIME last year! I could send notes to parents or to other teachers. The other teachers never had to wonder if my signature was forged when I used theses either!

These worked out really well last year so I just re-ordered them as is.

This is something new I am trying out this year….a classroom participation card! Whenever students answer a bell ringer or a question in class they will get a punch. Each punch is worth 20% of their participation grade. We shall see how this one goes!

I needed to update my hall pass card this time around. It was hard telling what grading period the cards were in last year. I tried marking them differently/punching them in strategic places. I decided to add a place that is unforgeable this time around. I also decided to add a date/time sign out on the back!
 My reward system worked out remarkably well. I just updated them because I felt like they should be green this year…don't ask me why. 

Last but not least I decided to try out their banners. I am thinking about hanging it above my classroom door outside of the room. 

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  1. Hi,
    I like the idea of a punch card that counts toward a grade. Can you tell me more about the punch card. What happens when they have participated 10 times and are out of punches? What about the students who participate most often?