Saturday, May 30, 2015

Back to School Candy Grouping and *freebie*

Last year I wanted to start my students off in groups, but that made me a tab bit nervous. I decided to organize the process as much ahead of time as possible.

I decided to assign each group a type of candy and placed a sign at each group.

I then labeled each desk with their type of candy and a number.

Finally, on the first day a school students were handed an index card with a candy and a number which helped them find their group and their seat.

Check out the next few photos for a peek into my classroom!

8x10 group signs, Index cards, labels for each desk
All of my desks were grouped together in pods of 3. Each pod was represented by a different candy. Each desk within the pod was given that candy name and a #. 

When the students walked into the classroom the first day of school they were given an index card. Those index cards have a type of candy and a number. The student found their type of candy in a group of desks and sat at the number on their card. 

 I put the signs on picture frame holders from The Dollar Tree at each group because I couldn’t reach the ceiling to hang them like I originally planned. 

Each desk is given a candy label. I then covered them with clear packing tape for durability. This helps to randomize seating on the first day. However, throughout the first few weeks when I am still learning the kids names I can also say things like, “Skittles 2, what would you say the theme of this story was?” 

If you want to group your desks I have provided the files as a *freebie* in my TPT store:

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