Monday, May 11, 2015

Extreme Desk Make Over

When I was at my old school I had the best desk ever!

It was wooden and HUGE! You cannot tell from the picture but the top of the desk is almost the size of two normal desks put together. 

At my new school I got a standard, metal, crappy desk. Well that just wasn't going to fly with me!

I decided to do an extreme desk makeover!


I searched Ebay and Amazon for Duck Tape Variety and found many people selling groups of duck tape. Some of the sellers on Ebay sold partially used rolls of duck tape, which worked out fine for what I had planned!

20 minutes and a steady hand later, I had a snazzy new desk! All I did was snip pieces of duck tape to  the size of my desk front and placed them carefully on. I made sure that they wrapped under the bottom of the desk (made it nearer and no one sees under the desk anyway!)

I just adore how it turned out!
Duck Tape Desk....don't mind the mess!

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