Monday, June 15, 2015

Vista print order #1 is here!

My first Vista Print order came in the mail! I didn't take a video of me "unboxing" them, which is all the rage right now (oddly enough). 

However, I did take pictures of the items OUT of the boxes!

Window Decals
I was not sure how the window decals would turn it, but I LOVE them!

I took a sampling of my Humorous English Posters to see how they would turn out before I order more. I will definitely be ordering more and in different sizes for my classroom windows!

I decided to turn my mini me into a poster that I could display in my classroom window that faces the hallway. I really like how the poster turned out! Want to get your own mini me? They are only $15 and are totally cute, fun, and worth it!  Library Fox Mini Me

 Car Door Magnet
Yay for car door magnets. These are always really high quality. Happy again!

I loved the banner that I got last year and decided that I wanted another one with the motto I have chosen for my classroom this fall. I am quite happy with the final product!

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