Saturday, September 17, 2016

Middle School Classroom Incentive System

So a few years ago I started using a classroom incentive system and it has worked wonders for my students! I revamped my system a little bit last year and thought I would share with you!

I decided that I wanted to teach students a little bit about the value of patience and saving, along with being rewarded for good behavior.

I got a three drawer cart organizer from Target and put scrapbook paper inside and the amount of incentive cards each drawer cost on the front.

The bottom drawer held small items like miniature chocolate bars, bubbles, erasers, balls, pencils. Basically items that were one dollar or under.
The middle drawer held full size candy bars, slime, mechanical pencils, mustache pens. Things that cost one to two dollars.
The top drawer held king size candy bars, blow up balls, sea monkeys, big lollypops. Things that cost between two to four dollars.

I eventually got smart and realized that I could buy a lot of the items for CHEAP for the boxes at Oriental Trading. 

These are the items from Oriental Trading that I had to replace the most for my prize box.

Slime was a HUGE hit. This made me happy because I could get LOTS of containers of it for next to nothing. Stick on mustaches became a real trend (middle schoolers are weird). It surprised me how much the kids liked the finger boots and monkeys....but they did!

Mustache items are always a big hit as well as flying items. Stress balls became a big hit as well as the googly-eyes. I ran out of Pixy Stix CONSTANTLY!

Anything sports related or blow up became a huge hit along with light up items. My kids were WOWed by the giant Pixy Stix!



  1. It is ridiculous the way some people act. It is like mean girls in high school! I have had experiences where teachers bullied me but it ended up backfiring on them because I eventually earned favor with the administration because it was clear to them that I was different. I do not participate in the nonsense and it clearly makes me an outsider. It used to bother me a lot but now it only bother me slightly. It can be challenging to remain who I am in the environment that I work in. Without God and continual payer I am quite certain I would cave and pursue a different career. Also, I am one who leaves soon after school is out, however, I go in everyday about 1.5 - 2 hours early to get things done. I do not feel guilty one bit because most days I spend a few hours researching and seeking ways to continually reach my students.
    * I purchased your entire store for a lifetime and it is a true blessing! I appreciate your style. Your commitment to designing amazing lessons is evident and I appreciate the time that you put into them.

  2. Do you get the punch cards from a teacher store or do you make them yourself?