Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mystery Candy inference lesson

I was browsing the Easter clearance section the other day when I ran across these guys: 


I decided that it would make a fun inference activity for my kids. I plan to give each group one peep and have them write a description of their peep that should include:

  • Smell
  • Touch
  • Sound 
  • Sight

Before the kids are allowed to split their peep they need to make an inference about what the flavor of the peep will be and back it up with evidence from their descriptive paragraph.

They will then be allowed to taste their peep and will write a descriptive paragraph based on the taste.

I will then ask the kids why would any company manufacture mystery candy and why would anyone want to buy mystery candy? I am hoping to get answers such as: Fun surprise, didn't want to give away too much information up front, suspense, etc...

I will then remind students that authors like to do the same things for their readers. They want to make their readers think and read BETWEEN the lines instead of giving away all the information up front. Just being given the information is less suspenseful, intriguing, and less challenging!

Inferences = Mystery Candy!

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