Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Author's Differing Viewpoints

Okay guys listen up!

I have a website that is going to change the way you teach (at least one strand).

Do you have a hard time teaching author's viewpoint?

Give the website: http://www.perspecsnews.com a go!

Perspecs is a new free app that curates the top news stories from a variety of established regional, national and international news sources. Unlike traditional aggregators and news curation services, Perspecs goes a step further and offers readers 3 polarised opinions of the same story.
How these opinions are categorised can vary. For political stories this could be in the form of ‘left’, ‘background’, ‘right’. For review items the categories could be ‘negative’, ‘neutral’, ‘positive 

You can have kids go to the website and read the three different articles and point out the keywords words that make it slant negative or positive or unbiased. 

It does an AMAZING job modeling the concept of slanted viewpoints!

It is mainly an app, but they have plenty of news stories on their web site!

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