Monday, January 28, 2013

Social Networking with Book Characters

I am always trying to integrate the latest technology and trends into my lessons. I may be getting older, but I try to stay up with the trends (SOME of the trends, I will never understand Lil' Wayne, The Bad Girls Club, or Jersey Shore). 

I think that the idea of social networking as book characters is something that really resonates with most kids (Especially with the new MTV show Catfish gaining in popularity)

A lot of teachers create printable templates for Facebook and Twitter that their students can fill out on any given book character. I think those templates are GREAT, but the kids sometimes need a break from the worksheets.

I found a few ONLINE  generators that I think the kids will have a lot of fun with. 

I think that the Facebook craze might be dying down in the younger community a bit so I made sure to find some Twitter Generators as well:

I would really like to find a Wikipedia generator one day so that I could tie in my "Research" standards in with my book characters. 

I know that computer lab time is sometimes limited so sometimes we are tied to paper worksheets.

Because of this (and because I couldn't find an online generator for cell phone apps!) I created a Character Cell Phone Hack activity that is available on TPT and Teachersnotebook if you are interested!

A few screen shots:

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  1. I agree so much; I'm bone-weary of the template worksheets. And I was just talking to a kid today about how I need to figure out the basics of Twitter so that I can keep up. Instagram would be fun to replicate, too.