Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mock Pinterest Board for Book Character

My mother actually gave me this idea. What if we could have our students make Pinterest boards as if they were a book character? They could find images that that character would pin themselves and then create captions for the pins as if they were the character.

I think it would be awesome if students could do different boards for characters as well. For example: Katniss from Hunger Games Board Ideas

  • Wedding
  • Food
  • Hunting
  • Rebellion
  • Gift Ideas
  • Clothing/Styles

Pinterest is blocked in my school district (and I am guessing it is blocked in most) but there are several ways to work around this.

1. Extra credit project for students at home
2. Create a mock board and present the idea to your school district and ask if it can be unblocked. 
3. Create a Pinterest template to print out and bring in magazines/newspapers for the kids to cut up(or just have the students draw) and place on the template! 
This is just a quick screenshot of a mock up I did in Word of a template example. Templates are not as fun as the real thing though!

I made a couple of mock boards to see if I liked the idea....and I do!

Katniss Mock Board

Go to the Pinterest board itself to see the captions!

PonyBoy Mock Board

Go to the Pinterest board itself to see the captions!


  1. I'm going to a conference next month that includes teaching with Pinterest. I've wondered since I signed up how I could incorporate it. Great idea.

    1. That sounds neat. I would be interested to know what they have to say as well!