Monday, February 18, 2013

Middle School Classroom Rules System

I recently reorganized my classroom and one of the things I decided I needed to do was revamp my classroom rules. 

I came up with the top five deal breakers in my room and gave each one a color. 

You will notice that next to each rule I have Post it Notes of the same color placed in index card sleeves. 

When a student breaks a rule I place their name on the color Post It Note of the rule they broke. 

For example, on Thursday a boy pulled out a box of Valentine's Day candy (in the middle of the lesson) and started eating it. I wrote his name on an orange Post It Note because he broke the no food in class rule. 

I created large posters and hung them on my classroom wall to place the Post It Notes on.
  1. First offense is a Warning
  2. Second offense is Silent Lunch
  3. Third offense is a Letter Home
  4. Fourth offense is a Referral to the office

Each time a student breaks a rule I look to see if they have broken that particular rule before.
  • If they have: I move their post it to the next punishment level
  • If they have not: They get a post it note with their name and in the color of the rule they broke added to the warning level

Students have the potential to have their name on five different color post it notes (since I have five different rules)

I have decided that students can earn Post It Notes a step back (Or removed if they are only on the warning level) if they fill out a behavior log to my satisfaction.

I plan to be very clear with my students that if this sheet is not filled out to my satisfaction or  I feel like they are not actually remorseful the Post It Note STAYS. 

I have only been doing this system for two days so no one has made it further than a warning. I think it kind of reminds them of the stoplight system of elementary school and resonates well with them. 

***I am also keeping a small notebook with the students' offenses written in it in case any of my kids try to be sneaky and take their Post It Notes down ;)


  1. I have been struggling with a few students in each of my classes. I love this idea. With a few tweaks this will be perfect for my classroom. Once again, thank you for the wonderful idea.

  2. Just curious how this worked for you last year. I am currently trying to decide what my management method will be this year, and I like this idea!


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