Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Easy Test Grading Method

What teacher doesn't hate grading hundreds of papers? It is ultra time consuming and boring!

I came up with a way to grade multiple choice tests quickly! I recently graded 75 of my students' 25 question mock SOL tests in 5 minutes!

Here is how I do it!

I am sure that your school has stacks and stacks of these transparency papers laying around:

I take one of these sheets and place it over top of my multiple choice bubble sheet, securing it with paper clips. 

I then use these pens:
But you can also use sharpies or overhead markers (if you still have of those laying around!)

I use these pens because they really show the difference between the answer key and the students answers. 

I create my own answer key by filling in the correct bubbles. (I also like to write what test it is and draw a line and the top and bottom of the bubble sheet so it is easier to line up)

When the kids turn there test in all I need to do is slide the transparency on top of there answer sheet, count the incorrect answers, and input their score (We go over the answers as a class later)

I am a self proclaimed math idiot so I like to use my handy dandy easy grader:

Here are some picture examples (I apologize that they are a little blurry!)

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