Friday, February 22, 2013

Organizing Exit Slips in Middle School

This is an idea that I have been toying with and decided to try to create today since we had an early closing. 

I took a section of my chalkboard and I cut and pasted fun duck tape squares the size of post it notes. 

At the bottom I left a large rectangle

See example:

I plan to place exit slip questions in the rectangle on the bottom. 

Each student will get a post it note and will have to answer the question and post it on the board before they leave. 

I can either use the exit slips I have already created or write new ones in the square using my favorite:
I have used other brands (cheaper brands) and TRUST me, they do NOT work as well!

If kids start trying to be sneaky and leave without posting a post it I can put numbers in each square and give each student a number so I can easily see who has and has not answered the question!

If you are interested in my bell ringers and exit questions click HERE

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