Monday, March 11, 2013

Left vs Right Brain

I found this Infograph the other day and thought it was interesting. 

Are You Left or Right Brain?
Via: Online College Advice

I think that it would be a nice addition to my "learning styles" lesson that I do at the start of each year.

At the start of each year I do a learning styles inventory on the first day of school and have the kids write about how they learn best on an index card. They then post these on my bulletin board.
Each class is assigned a color so I can see if any one class has a specific learning style.

The classes this year are pretty spread out, but most of them believe themselves to be musical learners. 
(This is good since I use a lot of music in my class!)

I also have a section in my room for early finishers/extra credit that is geared towards learning styles:

I thought maybe I could find a way to print the left brain/right brain poster out to post in my classroom next year!

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