Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Zombie Science

I don't know what it is about my students the last few years but they are OBSESSED with zombies!

I found this video the other day and LOVED it!

I thought it could be a neat intro for a zombie writing assignment or two. 

I found the following prompts:
1. You wake up, only to find yourself covered in dirt. You have no idea how you got here. You start to dig. It seems to be taking forever. Keep digging. Finally you reach up and a million smells hit you at once. You crawl out of the pile of dirt. Something smells weird………. Finish the story, you are the zombie.
2. The zombie apocalypse has begun. Describe your lead character and the group that follows. Let your readers know the ins and outs of their compound.
3. Heather has been crushing on the boy next door since they were in third grade. One morning she peaks between her curtains to see him standing in the window. He appears to be undead. Tell the story.
4. Your best friend has been cursed, he must spend the rest of his life looking like a zombie. Tell the tale of the curse and how two friends break it.
5. The character is digging in her garden when a familiar hand reaches up for her.
6. Your character is taking a walk in Central Park. The wind is chilly, the park, oddly silent. There is a man sitting on the bench holding a newspaper. As the character jogs past, only one headline catches attention; ZOMBIES!!!
7. Write a zombie love story. Start it with a line like – the most beautiful piece of flesh I ever saw was…
8. (Insert favorite social media here) is taken over by zombies.
9. The characters favorite doll turns into a zombie. The rest of the toys follow, one-by-one.
10. Write a poem containing these keywords – zombie, flesh, dirt, earth, blood, stink, rot

Before students turn it in they could "zombify" themselves and put it at the top of their writing prompt?

I found a few neat "Make yourself a zombie" suites:

Me as a zombie! (Gross!)


  1. Do you mind if I use this sometime?

    1. Totally! That's why I post ideas! I hope that people can use them! :)

    2. Thanks! By the way, I love your Thursday stories. You should think a about publishing them somewhere other than your blog, The New Yorker maybe?