Monday, March 4, 2013

Memo Books

Do any of you dread making parent contact as much as I do? You never know if the response is going to be positive, negative,  or the start of WWIX. 

Many schools require that you keep parent contact logs. Some schools have a rule that referrals to the office cannot be turned in without proof of parent contact.

One nifty thing that I discovered this year is carbon copy notepads! One gets sent home to the student and you can keep the carbon copy as proof/reminder of what you wrote. 

There are two types that I use in my classroom.

The first is for small offenses/notes because there is not a lot of space:

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I was walking through Wal Mart with my Mentee this summer and we came across some carbon copy receipt books. It dawned on me that carbon copy memo pads would be perfect for notes home to parents!
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I like the above memo pad the best for several reasons.  
  1. It can hold more information 
  2. The address can be written (If you are mailing it)
  3. The incident/reason for writing can be written on the top three lines 
  4. Suggestions/ways to improve can be written in the large space below

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