Friday, March 1, 2013

Great Opening Lines

I have a thing for Babysitters Club books. I still remember the first one I was allowed to get. It was called "Little Miss Stonybrook and Dawn!" 

I own almost every single one ever released. When I am at used book stores I still try to find the ones that I am missing to round out my collection. 

Whenever I am feeling a little down and don't feel like I can emotionally invest in an "adult" book I choose a Babysitters Club book to read. 

The other night was one of those nights and I was reading #66 "Maid Mary Anne"

The book opens with the first line from Anna Karenina. Mary Anne was thinking about great opening lines from books because her teacher had given them an assignment to write a memorable, unforgettable opening sentence for a story. 

I think that is a really great idea for me to do with my students to teach them about ATTENTION grabbing openers.

When you are writing a novel or essay you want to grab your audience's attention from the very first moment so you don't lose them before you have even really started!

What better way than to start by reading some of the greatest first lines of all time!

I found a site that has a list of great first lines of novels: 

I could have the students read through them and choose what they think are the top ten best opening lines. 

They would need to write down the quote, author, book, and why they think it is a great opening line. 

They would then need to compose what they think would be a memorable, unforgettable opening sentence for a story.  

I found this really neat site that the students could upload their opening quotes to:

We could print and display them around the classroom and vote on the best opening lines!

Here is the handout I will have the do this on:

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