Thursday, April 4, 2013

Short Story Thursday -Steak and Ale

Continuation of Last Week's Short Story:

Steak and Ale
One of the things I was most excited about during this trip was that every night we were going to get together as a group and go to dinner at restaurants in Atlanta. There was not a lot of variety in the restaurants from back home.

On our first night in ATL at 7pm, we all met in the lobby and proceeded out into the balmy Atlanta night. As we walked down the street we passed interesting restaurant after interesting restaurant I began to get more and more excited about our upcoming dining experience. After about five blocks our group was lead straight to Steak and Ale. It wasn’t the new and exciting restaurant I had been hoping for, but I went with it since we still had three more nights in town.

Our Administrators had other plans for us though and we went to Steak and Ale three out of the four dinners we had there.

On our last night in Atlanta, our group revolted and said that we refused to go to Steak and Ale for the fourth night in a row. The administrators conceded and took us to a Japanese steakhouse. I was BEYOND thrilled because those are my favorite places to eat. We had a wonderful dinner of sushi and steak before heading back to our respective hotel rooms.

The next morning I woke up more sick than I can ever remember feeling in my entire life. I skipped the closing ceremonies of the conference and lay in bed praying that I would just die rather than continue to experience the sickness I was having.

A few hours later I had to call one of my new friends to help me down towards the van home. The only thing I remember saying to the person who helped me was, “Hell hath no fury like ME if you put me on the ASS. Principal’s van.” They took mercy on me and put in the back of their van. It was the most miserable eight hours of my life. I was in and out of consciousness and debilitating pain the whole Time but I finally made it home.

When I was coherent again I googled my symptoms and I am 98.9% positive that I got food poisoning, and based on the Time line, it was probably from the Japanese steak house.

Ironically enough, I would have been better off going to Steak and Ale again!

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