Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break!

I am on Spring Break right now!!!

Why can't it be spring break every day?

The first thing I did on spring break was go to a small zoo that is relatively close to my house. 

I met up with some of my friends who moved :( and their daughter. 

We got to feed birds:
So much fun!

My favorite though is the giraffes!!!!

This little guy got a little fresh with me! He kept eating my hair (actually got some), licking my face, and nudging me in the chest. Basically, a giraffe got to second base with me. Spring break sure is different when you are a semi-adult!

I love them soooo much! I was talking to Emalee and Tim about getting one. Tim told me that the next time I have to talk to my accountant I should tell him, "Well....my five year plan includes adopting and maintaining a giraffe. Now how can we make this happen?" 


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  1. Wow! Those animals get up close and personal. My kind of zoo. Hope your weather's cooperating; my spring break was ice-cold.