Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Find: Lingro

I was searching around Pinterest today and I stumbled across another secondary english blog: (which is awesome because there are not a lot of us) 


She introduced me to something I never knew about before but is 100% useful!


You can input a website and it will turn that website into a clickable dictionary. 

Once you input your website any of the words are clickable and a definition of the clicked word will pop up on the screen. 

A screen shot from one of my VistaPrint posts:

This will save me so much time this year when we are in the lab if I teach the kids to "Lingro" their websites first!

I refuse to answer the question, "Yo, Ms. Potter, what's this word mean?" when they are sitting in front of something that has a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. 

Now I can just say...."Lingro" and carry on!

Check it out!

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