Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vista Print Round 2

I couldn't help myself.....I ordered another set of Vista Print last night.

If you remember the new rule system I started last year:

I decided that I wanted to redo my rules so they look more official (and be magnetic...I have an obsession with ALL things magnetic.)

Rule magnets:

Custom Post It Notes for rule system: 

Random Fun:


  1. These are great! Thanks again for the wonderful ideas. Yesterday I mentioned how you introduce and teach the news articles. I was referring to the mention of these articles in your new lesson plan template. Under the Assignments/Assessments, you have listed news article. You also have news article listed in the resources column, and and again in the Student and Teacher Tasks:Fill out News Article (two to be displayed every week. I was wondering how you use these in class and how much time you designate for them. Although we meet five days a week, we only have 47 minute class periods. I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate some nonfiction articles/assignments in each week.

    1. This is not a non fiction news article it is an "All About Me" newspaper template that I use and then choose two each week to choose students of the week.


      I use RPS units as my nonfiction weekly article though.

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