Saturday, June 6, 2015

(Mostly) Dollar Teacher Supplies

So I have been squirreling away as much money as possible since I decided that I wouldn't be resigning my contract at my old job. 

This week I got a new job so I decided to celebrate by going on a shopping spree (And I really did have myself a spree!)

I decided to share my finds with you guys in a few posts. 

This post is about the cheaper (almost) dollar finds. I got everything here for under $5.

First up....

Dollar Store Items

They only had these ice cream cups in VIBRANT orange so I will look for them in other colors at other stores. I thought these would be super cute to hold markers, pens, and pencils.

I found these laundry clip hooks. They came in the same basic colors that my classroom color coding system is in. I thought I could use command hooks to hang them and clip papers associated with each block. Or I could just use them to hang papers that are important to me!

I have been waiting for Dollar Tree to get these back in stock for YEARS. I love to paint the centers of them with Chalkboard Paint and use them to write fun messages. I could post them around the room or write the day's objectives on them. 

I am REALLY excited about these finds! Wall decals! The silver ones look really neat on chalkboards and the colorful ones will liven up even the most stark cinder block walls without doing damage!

Little containers....need I say more?

I adore these little cat pens....because I have a pen addition. Some women have a shoe addiction...I have a pen/marker addiction. The weirder....the better. 

I am super excited about this find. Apparently it works like an exact blade and leaves behind a line of color. I can't wait to try it out!

Michaels Finds
Chalk board talk bubble....love it!

I am not sure what I will do with these yet, but they were 50% off and cute. I think I will use them to store small office supplies like tacks and rubber bands.

Magnetic containers in cute colors!

Okay so I really don't know what I will do with these, but they were a dollar and I love glass bottles....Maybe I can put them on my classroom window sill and put a fake flower in each one. 

Same as above...I just couldn't resist. 

Staples Find
I needed a few business card holders to hold my Vista Print collection for the kids. 

Walmart Finds
Partially transparent sticky notes? Yes, Please!

Okay....my love of duck tape knows no bounds. I had never seen these before!

So I plan to make pen/pencil borrow boards this year like this one that I saw on Pinterest:

That started with $.88 cookie sheets. 

Next I will fasten these to the cookie sheets Pen and Paper holders
Car Door Magnets - Small by Vistaprint

These car door magnets will be placed on the cookie sheets and the business cards will be under them (using the business card holders from above!)

Target Find

Once I got this item home and saw how cool it was, I was sad that I didn't by more. 

It has so many potential uses:

Daily objectives
Random fact of the day
Shout outs
Student of the week display

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