Thursday, June 25, 2015

I'm getting older by the minute....

So today is my birthday. 

Birthdays always make me think more about numbers. Since I have been thinking so much about numbers I decided to make two "number" products. 

I decided that since it is my birthday I would do a couple of things.


1. I am throwing a 20% sale at my TPT store from now until Saturday!
My TPT Store

Birthday Presents for YOU! 

2. Since it is better to give than to receive I am offering you guys two "birthday" presents. I am giving away both of my about me number activities from above if you do 1 or 2 simple things!

Here's how it works : 

  1. Like my Facebook page
  2. Follow me on Instagram
  3. Email me at: Mskcpotter@gmail.com with your Facebook name and Instagram name and I will email you BOTH the products for free within 24 hours! :)
  4. If you just complete one of the tasks above, email me the name of which of the two products you want. 
(Ends June 27, 2015)