Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It isn't fair

I am trying to decide between two scenarios:

1. if I want to start the year with a lesson on the different between fair and equal.
2. If I want to save a collection quotes/activities ready for the first time (and you know it will happen) a student says, "That's not fair."

I decided to pull together all of the quotes quotes and activity ideas that I found on the topic that I like!

Love me some Snape....Always.

I've always liked this cartoon and Ed Sheeran also Instagramed it so that's a +
No comment needed
I like telling my students that YOU are responsible for YOU. Which annoys them, but if you say it enough times, it starts to sink in. 

THIS Cotton Candy Poster!
 1000 times YES! 
This WILL be in my classroom this year without a doubt.

 Lesson Ideas

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