Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Make over obsession

I am currently in a complete and utter obsessive state!
I decided that I would spend the time this summer to make over my TPT store.
That led me down a rabbit hole to my current obsessive state.
I thought I would share with you guys. You might find it interesting, especially if you are TPT sellers yourselves.
I downloaded my product list from TPT and copied the list into an Excel spreadsheet. For each product in my store I am doing the following things:
1.     I download it from TPT and check it over to see if it needs any updates.

2.     I decide if the product needs a new preview.

3.     I read the product description and see if anything needs to be added.

4.     I decide if it needs a cover page or not. In the past I have not used cover pages, but I started teaching myself how to use PicMonkey.com. Now I feel like EVERY product needs its own cover page.
I'm spending a LOT of time looking/creating on Picmonaey
5.     I save the TPT product link to an excel file that I found at: http://tptschool.com/teachers-pay-teachers-product-link-generator/

This automatically creates codes so that I can place hyperlinks in my product descriptions.

6.     I reupload the file and add hyperlinks to similar products to the product description.

7.     I save the made over product in a curriculum folder. I have not updated my Entire English Curriculum in two years, so I figured it was time.

I have been working nonstop the last four days and I am only about halfway through. 

Take a look at the updated cover pages I have so far!

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