Sunday, July 31, 2016

HP Instant Ink: The greatest thing since sliced bread!

Printing to most teachers is really important, but also REALLY expensive. 

Case in point:

I have tried all different kinds of methods for bringing the cost of printing down. Getting ink from overseas (the cartridges worked about half of the time), buy the XL ink cartridges, and tried different off brand cartridges. Nothing ever worked so I usually just printed from my schools horrible printer that would leave those awful horizontal lines from the toner constantly being low. Printing it color was never an option aside from the one cartridge I would buy at the start of the school year.

My mother introduced me to the greatest thing since sliced bread last summer: Hp Instant Ink Program! With this program you can choose from 3 different plans ranging from 2.99-9.99 a month and print in either black or COLORED ink as much as your plan allows!!!! Your printer monitors you ink level and if you are running low, ink comes right to your door without you even having to think about it. There are even rollover pages. 

I have the $9.99 plan and I am beyond happy with it.

The website tells me how many pages I have printed of my allotment:

 It also breaks down how many pages I have printed per day.

Customer service is great also. One time I got a black in cartridge in the mail instead of color so I called customer service. They overnighted me a color ink cartridge and the conversation only lasted 5 minutes. 

I love being able to print something in full color without having to worry about the cost of ink or draining my resources to quickly. I have only gone over my printing allotment once and that was at the beginning of school last year (heavy printing season). 

How do you get in on this magic you may ask?
First things first, you need to have an HP printer

Here are my recommendations (I have the Envy 5540):

Next, you need to sign up for an account. If you want to use my referral link you (and I) get a month free!

I can't recommend this enough. Get it now for all your back to school printing and you can make sure your bulletin boards are in full living color! :)


  1. Yay for giving your mom (ME) a shout out!


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  3. HI, I have a question: what are the paper sizes you can print? Can I print a 11" x 17" (like a small poster, equal to 2 pages of 8.5" x 11") and count it as 2 pages of color printing? Thanks, Joy Grabar


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